Oetker Collection Pearl Partner

Step into the world of unparalleled luxury with the Oetker Collection. A curated selection of exceptional properties around the globe, each Oetker Collection hotel stands as a testament to distinct heritage, location-specific charm, and impeccable service. From historic castles nestled amidst lush vineyards to chic urban retreats, these masterfully designed establishments provide world-class amenities, including Michelin-starred dining experiences, expansive wellness spas, and versatile event spaces. However, the true essence of the Oetker Collection lies in its philosophy of the "Masterpiece Hotels", where every guest is treated as part of a family, and every moment is crafted into a precious memory. Choose the Oetker Collection for a stay where luxury meets warmth, and hospitality becomes an art.

Our benefits for you at Oetker Collection hotels

As part of our commitment to ensure a delightful stay, we maintain personal relationships with all our partner hotels. This allows us to share your preferences and specifics with them so they can tailor your visit to perfection.

Moreover, our privileged partner status affords you an array of additional benefits when you book your stay through us:

  • One category room upgrade at time of booking, upon availability
  • Personalised welcome amenity
  • Daily unlimited internet access for unlimited number of devices
  • Daily complimentary breakfast for 2, including buffets
  • Credit of 85€ for each one-night stay; credit increased to 170€ for two-nights or more

Some of our favourite Oetker Collection properties

Hotel Le Bristol Paris

Hotel Le Bristol Paris, France: Located on the famed rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hotel Le Bristol Paris offers a true Parisian experience. It boasts a rooftop swimming pool with stunning views of Paris, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, and an award-winning spa. The unique selling point of Hotel Le Bristol Paris is its authentic Parisian elegance and the historic charm that exudes from its 18th-century architecture.

Jumby Bay Island

Jumby Bay Island, Antigua, Caribbean: A private island resort located just off the coast of Antigua, Jumby Bay offers an exclusive and serene getaway. The resort features stunning beachfront villas, a variety of dining options, wellness activities, and access to pristine white sand beaches. Its unique selling point is its location on a 300-acre private island, offering a luxurious and secluded Caribbean experience.

Brenners Park-Hotel

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden, Germany: Nestled amidst the serene Black Forest, this hotel is a tranquil wellness retreat. Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa houses a medical spa offering personalized wellness programs, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, and a private park. Its unique selling point is its legendary "Brenners lifestyle" which combines luxurious living with health-conscious services.

Eden Rock – St Barths

Eden Rock – St Barths, Caribbean: Perched on a rocky promontory surrounded by white sandy beaches, this hotel offers an unforgettable tropical getaway. Amenities include beach services, a wellness spa, and an art gallery. Its unique selling point is its individual villas offering absolute privacy and the vibrant art and music scene that permeates the hotel.

Palácio Tangará

Palácio Tangará, São Paulo, Brazil: Set amidst the tropical greens of Burle Marx Park, Palácio Tangará offers an urban oasis in Brazil's bustling financial center. The hotel offers a Michelin-starred restaurant, a garden-side pool, and a spa. The unique selling point of Palácio Tangará is its harmonious blend of urban luxury and natural tranquility, offering a green retreat within the city limits.

How to book a stay at Oetker Collection hotels with us

Please use the form below to share a few more details about your travel habits and your planned trip. To ensure the highest attention to you, we only work with a limited number of clients